Welcome to The Beautiful Beyond, The Gardens of Memory.

*Currently most cemeteries are NJ, with a few from Pa and NY, I hope to expand to many more.

There is such beauty in the sprawling landscapes we dedicated to resting our deceased loved ones in.  In the Victorian era, many cemeteries were laid out to be a park-like grounds, complete with fountains, picnic benches, and imported sculptures.  Today they have taken on the role of Halloween haunts, and places of tears and fears.  Forgotten, neglected, or worse, abused.  My goal is to preserve my journeys through these sacred grounds.

Gardens are grouped by cemetery.  Clicking on the photo will take you to that garden.  Photos here are meant to pay respect and memorialize the beauty of the monuments each of us gets at the end of this human race.

Some photos include a narrative, others speak quietly for themselves.  Some may have an artistic bent to them.  All are available for purchase in multiple print options, please contact me for further details.

I have recently added a page of Thoughts. As I continue this journey, I will be adding to that page with each Garden added. You can get to those thoughts on the upper right link "THOUGHTS".

As always, your thoughts and comments are always welcome.